Did you know there’s a war on Thanksgiving?

Yeah, I didn’t know either until a couple years ago. I was at work finishing up a few things during the late afternoon on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and one of my co-workers popped his head in my cubicle to tell me he was leaving a little early. I smiled and told him to “enjoy the holiday”, to which he sternly replied, “Thanksgiving.”

I think the so-called “War on Christmas” is stupid, but I get that. Christmas is a holiday that is very special for a lot of Christians, so I get why we tend to be upset by the commercialization and sanitization of a day set aside to celebrate the birth of Jesus. I don’t think we should get as upset as we do, but I get it.

Thanksgiving, on the other hand… I don’t get that. Thanksgiving is not a Christian holiday. At least, not anymore really. I see Thanksgiving as a sort of “reverse Christmas”. In the same way Christmas used to be a pagan holiday until a bunch of Christians called “snatchies” and renamed it, Thanksgiving has morphed into a secular holiday that has little to no Christian influence anymore. So declaring a war on Thanksgiving seems a little heavy-handed these days considering the “war” was lost a long time ago.

Thanksgiving isn’t my favorite “Christian” holiday, but it’s definitely one of my favorite holidays overall. In fact, I love the entire holiday season which feels even more special this year since I’m a dad now. So this year, I’m thankful for being a dad. And I’m thankful for you guys. Thanks for reading my comic and sharing it with your friends. Seriously. You’re the best.

Do you enjoy the holiday season? Why or why not?