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I’m a pretty accessible guy, so feel free to send me a message anytime!

Before you send me a note, though, check out the short FAQ below. Your question may already have an answer!


I think I recognize your work. Have you drawn comics before?

Yes. I used to draw a comic called You’ll Have That which ran from 2004 to 2009. I followed that comic with Max vs. Max which ran from 2009 to 2010. I created a few other comics over the years as well, but those two are the main ones.

Will you ever resume You’ll  Have That?

No. I said what I needed to say with that comic, but I’m flattered that so many people enjoyed it.

May I use your comics for sermon illustrations/my blog or website/toilet paper/etc.?

Yes! By all means, use my comics for whatever purpose you need. It’s not necessary to contact me for permission. Contact me only if you need a hi-res image.

Linking back to www.insertimg.com is super appreciated, but not required. I love seeing how my comics are used, so feel free to send me pictures or links that show how you put my art to work!

What tools do you use to make comics?

Visit the About Wes page and scroll to the bottom. You’ll find a list of all my gear under the heading “Tools of the Trade”.

Do you draw comics full-time?

Not yet, but I hope to someday. The money I make from commissions helps me pay for art supplies and webhosting. I’m also able to take my wife out to a nice dinner every now and then. It’s certainly not a cash cow.

Will you draw me something?

Sure! Check out the Commissions page for more information.


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