Christmas is my favorite holiday.

I love the music. I love the TV specials. I love the warm, vintage “vibe” of the season. It’s an amazing time of year, and the fact that I’m a new father has only enhanced my Christmas spirit. Even though Parker is only four months old and has absolutely no idea what’s going on, Kari and I have cranked the Christmas excitement up a notch. We’re  having so much fun and, for the first time in a long time, I’ll be rather sad when New Year’s has come and gone.

There’s one part of Christmas that annoys me, though, and that’s the alleged “War on Christmas”. I don’t know if you can technically describe a war as a “war” if only one group of people is fighting. It seems the only people engaged in this battle are Christians, but maybe I only see it that way because I spend so much time on this side of the fence. Regardless, I think the “War on Christmas” is pretty silly, and here’s why:

3 Reasons The War On Christmas Is Dumb

//We stole it first. The popular consensus has been that, back in the day, a group of Christians decided to celebrate the birth of Jesus on the same day as a popular pagan festival. Though this view is disputed, I think it highlights an important point about Christmas: whether or not it was “stolen”, it is a man-made event. Christmas is not mandated by God. Christmas is not mentioned in the Bible. Whatever the circumstances were when it started, Christmas was a day set aside by man to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

God is not defined by our Christmas celebrations.

Jesus is not defined by our Christmas celebrations.

YOU will be defined by people outside of the church regarding your militant stance on Christmas celebrations.

//It’s so much easier to say “Happy Holidays”. There’s a lot going on this time of year, so why not lump everything into one easy-to-use phrase? It’s so much more efficient to say, “Happy Holidays!” than it is to say, “Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!” One and done, people. One and done.

On a related note, telling a Jewish person, “Happy Hannukah!” does not make you a bad Christian. Saying, “Happy Kwanzaa!” to an African-American does not make you a bad Christian. Saying, “Happy Boxing Day!” to a Canadian does not make you a bad Christian (or a socialist, for that matter).

Don’t mistake “being polite” with “turning your back on Jesus”.

//The way we celebrate shouldn’t be affected by how others celebrate. I don’t care if Christmas becomes completely secularized. I don’t care if our politically-correct culture removes all traces of Christ from Christmas and we end up calling it ‘Mas. None of that changes how I view Christmas. I’m still gonna put a star on my tree. I’m still gonna read and reflect on the second chapter of Luke. I’m still gonna sing “O Holy Night” because that’s my favorite Christmas carol.

Jesus is not defined by Christmas. Neither should my faith.

I hope you guys all have an amazing Christmas! Enjoy your family! Eat tons of food!

What are your thoughts regarding the “war on Christmas?” Are you excited for the holiday?