Rob Bell, author of the controversial book Love Wins, has a new book coming out next week called What We Talk About When We Talk About God. If you’d like to know more, you can check out the book’s trailer where Rob Bell talks about . . . well . . . to be honest I’m not sure what the heck he’s talking about in this video. Maybe you guys can decipher it.

SIDENOTE: Enjoy some old-school Dishwalla.


In other news, my friend, Adam, has declared that today is Be Nice To Someone On The Internet Day. Here’s the holiday’s description in his own words:

Monday, March 4, is Be Nice to Someone on the Internet Day. This holiday is, depending on your preference, either a celebration of kindness or a quixotic stand against unkindness.

The idea is for everyone to take a couple of minutes on March 4 to send someone an appreciative note, message or e-mail, or else to leave a sincere, encouraging comment on someone’s blog, webpage or profile.

I think this is a super fun idea, and I plan to rock it out today. I’ve got a list of some folks I want to lift up and encourage, and I hope you guys will take a few moments to say something kind to someone (or someones), too!

I’ll start by saying something nice to Rob Bell:

Rob, I think you have an excellent sense of fashion. I appreciate your willingness to ask big questions and challenge the thinking of those of us who love Christianity and the Church. I don’t always see eye-to-eye with your theology, but I’d definitely have a beer with you if the opportunity ever came up. Also, you do a good job of keeping me on my toes by constantly changing the color and length of your hair.

Now it’s your turn! Go get ‘em, kids!